World-Renowned Educators
Working with Your Child


Have fun & learn from the best!

In our creative and inspiring online

summer camps children around the

world in first through twelfth

grade become engaged readers

and accomplished writers.

Our incredible teachers are globally acclaimed for their ability to build uncommonly strong relationships with children that help them learn to read and write
with fluency and power.


Our camps give kids the rare opportunity to work in a small group with world-renowned educators and authors who are credited with inventing some of the field’s most effective teaching methods.


Our teachers are experts at identifying and resolving obstacles to student success in reading and writing.


Our teachers are also brilliant at generating student excitement for reading and writing projects.


Because they know all kids can read and write and have great ideas and a lot to say, our teachers excel at boosting the confidence of all young readers and writers.


The seeds our teachers plant kindle in children a lifelong love for reading and writing.


Our Book Clubs and Writing Workshops focus on popular genres and timely themes.They challenge
and inspire kids to read, write and think critically
about texts they love and topics that have meaning.


When students unlock their ability to read for understanding and to write to be understood, their natural intelligence takes wing and there’s no stopping them.

Does your child
love to read?

Does your child
love to write?

Was your child’s education derailed
by COVID-19 this spring?

Are you afraid they’ve lost ground academically?


Are you tearing your hair out at the thought of them spending all summer cooped up inside with nothing to do?


Wouldn’t it be great to find an inspiring online summer camp where they can learn and have fun?


is just the ticket!


We have a camp for you!

Our camps are convenient for

families with children in

international schools and schools

across the United States.

We have camps in every time zone.

Your child could make friends in other countries!


We have camps for 1st through 12th grade.

There’s something for everyone, including English language learners.


We have camps in July and early August.

Camps run for one or two weeks.
Camps meet five or six times for 60-75 minutes.
Camps cost between $125 and $150.


We have reading camps and writing camps.

And camps that combine reading and writing.


Our staff makes us unique

We bring exceptional teachers right into your home. Widely celebrated for the indelible marks they’ve made on teaching, they have…

Helped millions of children and coached hundreds of thousands of teachers on six continents.


Authored best-selling books educators turn to for wisdom and know-how in spurring student achievement and inspiring kids to care deeply about what they read and write.


Established global reputations as keynote speakers, workshop leaders and professional development consultants for private, public, charter and international schools and districts worldwide.


Our teachers are specialists…


Masterful at sharpening children’s ability to read high-level texts, generate ideas and write about them effectively.


Dedicated to creating citizens of the world, capable of shaping its future.