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Writing to Think and Explain About the World

Writing to Explain the World: Mini-Essays About What’s Important to You

Instructor: Katherine Bomer

High School, Grades 9-12

August 3 – August 7

Essay, or writing about topics and ideas, is indeed an important genre or form to learn how to do for high school and college courses (and college admissions). But it can also be a fun and powerful way to think and to explain your passions and concerns: music, sports, pets, gaming, books, travel, relationships, climate change, power, social justice, and more! In this class, we will read a few amazing essays, write to think in our writing notebooks, talk often with each other, and with me, your instructor, to get ideas and feedback, and finish a first draft of a short essay that we will celebrate or perhaps even publish!

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Here are the specifics for this camp:

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MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY Exceptions noted below

Mini Essay Camp runs Monday through Friday, August 3 – 7, in the following time zones:

  • 1 PM – 2:15 PM Honolulu
  • 3 PM – 4:15 PM Anchorage
  • 4 PM – 5:15 PM Los Angeles, Seattle, Phoenix, Vancouver
  • 5 PM – 6:15 PM Denver, Salt Lake City, Albuquerque, Edmonton
  • 6 PM – 7:15 PM Chicago, Houston, Mexico City, Bogota, Quito, Lima, Winnipeg
  • 7 PM – 8:15 PM New York, Detroit, Atlanta, Caracas, La Paz, Toronto, Montreal
  • 8 PM – 9:15 PM Buenos Aires, Sao Paolo
  • 11 PM – 12:15 AM Accra, Reykjavik

Mini Essay Camp runs Tuesday through Saturday, August 4 – 8, in the following time zones:

  • 6 AM – 7:15 AM Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta
  • 7 AM – 8:15 AM Hong Kong, Beijing, Singapore
  • 8 AM – 9:15 AM Tokyo, Seoul
  • 9 AM – 10:15 AM Melbourne, Sydney
  • 11 AM – 12:15 PM Auckland

Instructor Bio: Katherine Bomer

A poet and essayist who was a classroom teacher for ten years, Katherine Bomer is one of the field’s most gifted writers and writing teachers. She author of many books on teaching writing, including The Journey is Everything: Teaching Essays that Children Want to Write for People Who Want to Read Them and Writing a Life: Teaching Memoir to Sharpen Insight, Shape Meaning—And Triumph Over Tests. In her consulting work, Katherine she combines a teacher’s practical advice, a writer’s love of language, and a powerful plea for social justice. She lives in Denton, Texas, with her husband, Randy Bomer, with whom she wrote the book, For a Better World: Reading and Writing for Social Action.